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Operational Reviews

Performance – Budget creation and monitoring, sales analysis and value for money benchmarking, contract negotiation support, customer service standards, health and safety compliance, menu planning and identification of added value opportunities.

Strategic – Mid to long term vision, goal setting, maximising consumer insight and industry trends and minimising potential risks.

Contract monitoring – Ensuring compliance to contractual commitments.


To engage – The right person for the right position can be time-consuming and costly so it is critical to invest time in selecting the right candidate.

Professional – Assistance can be provided for the process from creating the job description, advertising the role, interview stages and final appointment.


Customer Service Training

Tailored customer service workshops – That will Empower, Excite and Engage your teams.

Agreed mystery visits – Will be made with the workshops based on findings. Follow up mystery visits will be made to evaluate progress and to test for improved behaviours.

All workshops – Can be tailored for inductions, refresher training and sustained team coaching.

Design and Planning

Comprehensive understanding – Of the demand for food service providers to operate profitable, future proof and efficient operations utilising all team members to the best of their ability.

Identifying – And recommending innovative food service equipment while ensuring team members receive the appropriate training to guarantee optimum performance.

Partnering – With designers that will provide a considered design guaranteeing investment is placed in the correct areas, easing pressure and enhancing the customer experience.

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